Synchronizing (Windows/Mac)

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The Synchronize function is one of the most advanced functions in MusicReader. It is used to combine and transfer files between several computers and iPads.  This can especially be useful in big orchestras or when using several computers with MusicReader. The Synchronize function combines the libraries of two computers at once, leaving only the newest versions and making the libraries similar. Note that MusicReader must be active and they have to be on a wireless network to function properly.

If you are having problems with syncing then please check the possible solution at the end of this section.

How to use Synchronize:

1. Click the Synchronize icon
2. A panel appears showing several options, select the computer you want to synchronize with
3. Press the Next Step button
4. A loading screen is shown, here it tests the connection settings and looks if synchronization is possible.
- If it shows "Synchronization test passed", click Next Step
- If it shows an error, check what it shows and press Previous Step.
5. If succesful it shows a screen showing the actions that will follow, click Next Step
6. It will now synchronize. If finished your libraries will be synchronized.

Solving problem with syncing
When you have problems with syncing then please try the following to solve it:

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