Music Player (Windows/Mac)

Music Player

The Music Player is for playing .wav, .MP3's or CD's in the background. The Music Player can be used for background music, but of course also for learning how a musical piece should be played.

The Music Player works as follows:
1. Click the Music Player icon
2. A panel appears, providing the following options:
    a) Recording Source - Here you can choose between playing from a file or from a CD.
    b) Open File/Track - Choose which file you want to play, either from CD, .midi, .mp3 and .wav-files.
    c) Play/Pause - To play or pause the music
    d) Stop - To stop playing the music
    e) Progress bar - To show how far the number has been played, click on this bar to skip ahead
    e) Embed Recording - To embed a file in the MusicReader PDF file for future use
    f) Remove Recording - To remove an embedded file

For opening a file:
3. Select a file with the Open File/Track option
4. Select Play/Pause to play the file
5. The file will continue playing even when the panel is closed until the song is finished or stopped.

Embed Recording 
Embedding a recording can be helpful if you have several recordings that you would like to use with the sheetmusic. This function saves a copy of these recording in a separate folder in the MusicReaderPDF-folder on your computer.
  1. You can embed a recording in the PDF file by pressing the Embed Recording button. 
  2. This will open up a window where you can select which file you wish to use. Please note that only .midi, .mp3 and .wav-files can be used here.
  3. After selecting the file and pressing "Open", the file will be stored inside the MusicReaderPDF-folder, so you can always use this file when you re-open the pdf in MusicReader. This will not make any changes to your original file.
By using this you can have take the recordings with your sheetmusic wherever you want!

Please note this is different from the "Open File/Track"-button because this button only temporarily opens the file and does not save it. You can however use this function to directly open a copied music-file from the MusicReaderPDF-folder that belongs to the current sheetmusic.

Remove Recording

  1. If you want to remove an embedded file, press the Remove Recording button.
  2. A list appears with all the available music in the folder corresponding to your current file
  3. Select the file you with to remove, a window appears asking if you really want to remove the file. 
  4. Press yes to delete the file from the folder.
  5. Repeat from step 1 to delete multiple files.
This will not remove the file from the original place, it will only remove the copied version from the MusicReaderPDF folder.

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