Introduction to using and editing MusicReader for Mac/Windows

MusicReader features an innovative interface where you can easily change the setup of the icons by clicking and dragging.

The interface is fully focused on touchscreen usage but also fully supports mouse and keyboard.
Giving you choice how you would like to use the program.

See the images below for a complete overview of the menus and icons available.

All the icons and options can be found in the bar at the top.
By clicking the icons all the different features can be activated.
In case the feature uses an interface, this will be shown below the icon after clicking it.
This is shown in the image below. For closing these windows a simple click outside of the window is sufficient.

A special button is the triangle found to the right of the menu.
This button can be used to hide the menu, leaving more space for the music piece.
You can easily switch back by clicking in the space where the bar previously was.

At the bottom of the interface a red and a green line can be found.
This specifies where the user must click to go a page back(red) or forward(green).

For further details about the different icons, it is recommended to read through the rest of the knowledge base.
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