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Settings (iPad)


The Settings panel provides many options for customizing your MusicReader installation. Here you can change settings for e.g. the library. Below is an overview of the options per tab:

- Library Colums - You can define what colums you want to show in the library. Default the settings of Title, Composer and Instrument are selected. You can add the options Arranger, Lyricist, Performer, Genre, Instrumentation, Copyright, Publisher, Keys, Difficulty, Custom1(selfdefined) and Custom2(selfdefined).

Note: it is advisable to select no more than 4 options, because otherwise the Library could easily get cluttered.
Note2: Custom1 and Custom2 can be used to add information that wouldn't fit in other categories.

The upgrades tab shows the offers for the MusicReader PDF 4 version and how to upgrade. It is recommended to have the Windows/Mac next to the iPad version, to be able to use MusicReader to its fullest.

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