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Library (iPad)


The library is the start of every project. In the library you can find all of your saved music in a neat interface.
It shows an overview of all the files that can be found in the SheetMusic or self-defined folder. It shows all the Titles of the music pieces, the Composer(s) and Instrument(s). If you want additional colums you can add these in the MusicReader PDF 4 Settings.

Filtering/searching through the music

Want to look quickly through the many pieces in the library?
By clicking in the white text field you can filter the pieces based on the name/composer/etc
You can also change the type of filter by clicking the grey button to the left to the text field(base name: All).

Still not able to find what you are looking for? By pressing the button you can add even more fields. By pressing the you can remove fields that you no longer need.

Sorting the music in a Playlist
When you have found the fields you want, you can open it by itself or add them to the playlist.
For opening a single file a simple click on the name of the item is sufficient.
- For adding it to the playlist press the Playlist button to the right of a piece.
You can see the icon change to , specifying it has been added to the playlist. It should now show the piece on the playlist to the right.
- To remove the file press the red-button in the playlist followed by clicking the Delete-button.
- You can easily clear the playlist by selecting the Clear Playlist button.
- To save or load a playlist, use respectively the Save and Load button.

- The playlist is very intuitive: you can quickly scroll through the playlist by clicking the letters to the left of the screen.
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