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Playlist (iPad)


The Playlist feature is a fast and easy way to sort your music. This button is a shortcut to the playlist specified in the Library. When first opening the playlist it will most likely be empty.

  1. You can add items to the playlist by:
    - using the
    Library icon in menu
    - or by pressing the Add Piece to Playlist icon.
  2. After clicking one of these buttons you will be directed to the library. Here you can select a piece and add this to the active playlist by using the Add to Playlist-icon (see screenshot).
  3. When the piece is added to the playlist, the icon becomes green to indicate it is in the list. Clicking it again adds the the piece multiple times.
  4. In the playlist screen you can change the order of pieces simply by clicking and moving the right icon (standard iPad icon). To remove a piece from the playlist press the -button in the playlist or in the library.
  5. To save or load a playlist, use respectively the Save and Load button.
You can also clear the playlist by selecting the Clear Playlist button.
Please note you can not undo this action!

If you are encountering problems with playlists then please check this list:
  • The playlist is a simple list of pieces. It contains pieces in a certain order and with a certain page range.
    (So no folders or anything like that, just a plain list for a rehearsal or performance)
  • At any time only one playlist is active (loaded). This playlist is either empty or contains files.
  • You send pieces to the active playlist using the library screen.
    There are two ways to get to the library, the normal library icon in the menu or the plus-sign in the playlist window.
  • In the library you can add pieces to the active playlist by using the ADD- button next to the piece.
  • If you put the iPad in landscape you can see both library and playlist simultaneously.
    Simply click an ADD button and the playlist will appear on the right.
  • In the playlist window you can move pieces around by using the right side icon.
  • You always need to save playlists you make (or change) yourself.
  • Playlists can be saved in the main folder, or you can make subfolders.
  • The software does remember the last active playlist when you close the App.
  • If you need a certain playlist then you simply load it using the load functionality.
  • A new playlist? Simply press the first button in the playlist screen and you get an empty playlist.

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