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Bookmarks (Windows/Mac)


Bookmarks in MusicReader can be used like normal physical bookmarks. This feature helps you to easily move between the pages or to certain measures in the piece.

The tool is very easy in use:

1. Click on the icon
2. Select Add/Remove
3. Go to the page you want the bookmark placed by the Navigate Back/Previous icons.
4. Click on where you want the bookmark
5. Input a name for the bookmark
6. Choose wether it is a Bookmarks or a Link.
a) A bookmark is a simple shortcut to directly go your preferred page.
b) A link asks which bookmark you would like to link it. By linking a bookmark, you will immediately be tranferred to the linked bookmark when clicking the icon. This can help speed up skipping between certain parts of the music.
7. Now the bookmarks are created. You can now find them in the Bookmarks menu under the icon.

At any time you can click outside the window to cancel creating a bookmark. Click the icon again to switch to navigation view.

How to edit the bookmarks:

1. Click on the Bookmarks icon.
2. Select Add/Remove.
3. Click on a bookmarks icon shown in the piece.
4. Here you get two options: Modify or Delete.
a) Modify let's you change the name of the bookmark and change from/to Link/bookmark.
b) Delete removes the bookmark.

How to use bookmarks:

1. Click on the Bookmarks icon.
2. Now your bookmark will show in the Bookmarks menu, clicking the name directly moves you to the bookmark.

Tip: Name your bookmarks carefully, perhaps even defining where links are directed to. This can help keep the overview when many bookmarks are used.

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