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Moving from MusicReader 3 to MusicReader 4

There are several ways to convert files from MusicReader 3 to 4.
MusicReader 4 uses PDF files, so can’t directly read olders files(.mrs). You can use the Create/Edit PDF File tool in MusicReader 4 to convert these files.
Note that this function is only available for the Mac and PC versions of MusicReader, you can not convert these files with the iPad version.

Converting these files is easy and fast using the steps below:

Create/Edit PDF File

In MusicReader PDF 4 Piece menu select the Create/Edit PDF File tool to start MusicConvert PDF.
This icon directs you to MusicConvert PDF, a program specifically made for converting PDF's. It can be found here:

There you have 2 options: New File or Batch.
- New File can be used for converting per file
- Batch is for converting several files at once.

New File

Creating a New File to convert MR3 to MR4 works as follows :
1. Click on the New File icon
2. If a file is currently open, it asks wether to save it. When pressing no you lose any unsaved changes.
3. A panel pops up, with the following options:
    Import Files - Here you can import .mrs (MusicReader) files.
4. After selecting the images the files are shown. You can always add other pages using the Add Pages function.
5. To save a file, press the Save File and specify a directory(preferably your Library(e.g. My Documents/Sheet Music PDF).
6. Press Return or close MusicConvert PDF to return to MusicReader


Batch process is the ideal tool for converting files quickly to PDF. This feature is only available in MusicReader PDF 4 Solo Pro
You can convert several types of files: Scans, images, FreeHand-files and MusicReader 3 files.
This is the best tool for converting MusicReader 3 files to 4 easy and fast.

Batch processing PDFs works as follows:
1. Click on the Batch Icon
2. A panel shows up with 2 options:
     a) Convert to PDF - for converting many kinds of files (except for PDF)
      - It supports the follow files: tiff, tif, gif, jpg, bmp, png, fh & mrs
        (.fh are Freehand files  (only unencrypted is supported) and .mrs are MusicReader 3 files.)
          I. Add files by using the Add Files or Add Folders function.
             You can delete files by selecting an item and pressing delete.
          II. Specify the Output folder(preferably your Library(e.g. /My Documents/Sheet Music PDF)).
          III. Press Convert Files
               The selected images will now be in .Pdf format(MusicReader 4) in your output folder.
3. Press Return or close MusicConvert PDF to return to MusicReader

You can then open these new PDF-files with MusicReader PDF 4 by accessing the Library. If you saved them in another directory it is recommended to move these files to your Library directory or press the Add File To Library button.


Change PDF

Inside the program there is no way to automatically convert playlists
There is however a way to do it manually:
  • Rename the file to playlistname.mpl
  • Open the playlist in a text editor (WordPad /TextEdit)
  • Replace the extention .mrs with .pdf throughout the playlist
  • Ensure that each file remains on separate lines.
  • Save the playlist
This description will only work if the PDF files are the same relative path as the MRS files.

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