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Batch (Windows/Mac)

MusicConvert PDF can only be started by using the Create/Edit PDF button in MusicReader 4.
This button can be located like shown above.


Batch process is the ideal tool for converting files quickly to PDF.
You can convert several types of files: Scans, images, FreeHand-files and MusicReader 3 files.
This is the best tool for converting MusicReader 3 files to 4 easy and fast.

Batch processing PDFs works as follows:
1. Click on the Batch Icon
2. A panel shows up with 2 options:
     a) Convert to PDF - for converting many kinds of files, except for PDF.
      - It supports the following (image)formats: tiff, tif, gif, jpg, bmp, png, fh & mrs
        (.fh are Freehand files  (only unencrypted is supported) and .mrs are MusicReader 3 files.)
          I. Add files by using the Add Files or Add Folders function.
             You can delete files by selecting an item and pressing delete.
          II. Specify the Output folder
          III. Press Convert Files
               The selected images will now be in .Pdf format in your output folder.

    b) Change PDF: For quickly editing the information of PDFs and autocrop them
         I. Press Add to add a PDF to the list. Press Delete to remove from the list.
         II. Use Information Files to put extra information like the composer, instrumentation, etc.
         III. Press Autocrop Files to edit the files, it saves the documents directly.
         IV. Click outside of the panel to close the tool.


Change PDF

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