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New File (Windows/Mac)

MusicConvert PDF can only be started by using the Create/Edit PDF button in MusicReader 4.
This button can be located like shown above.

New File

The New File option lets you create a completely new PDF-document. This can be done from already existing PDF's or images, but also by scanning new papers.

Creating a New File works as follows:
1. Click on the New File icon
2. If a file is currently open, it asks wether to save it. When pressing no you lose any unsaved changes.
3. A panel pops up, with the following options:
    a) Import Files - Here you can import many types of files: pdf, tiff, tif, gif, jpg, bmp, png, fh & mrs
        .fh are Freehand files (only unencrypted is supported) and .mrs are MusicReader 3 files.
    b) Scan Images - This lets you scan images from your scanner. It asked for the number of images and then    starts scanning.
4. After selecting the images the files are shown. You can always add other pages using the Add Pages function.

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